HFM Awards Winner 2014
Compliance Awards
HFM Awards Winner 2013

WyeTree Asset Management Limited was founded in 2007 as a London based, FCA authorised asset manager. WyeTree specialises in managing investment strategies related to the global residential mortgage and real estate markets. The investment focus is currently on US and European RMBS but may include structured investments such as CDOs and whole loan pools.


  • Specialist asset manager with no proprietary positions
  • Pure product approach per asset class
  • Focusing on in-depth analysis of market instruments and risk management

Managing the Asset Class

  • Quantitative in-house model based analysis of the asset universe
  • Bottom up analysis at the individual mortgage loan level
  • Top down analysis of government programs and global market environment
  • Leading to a unique approach to identifying and capturing value

Client Focus

  • Profile designed to your strategy and needs
  • Dedicated portfolio management team that is reachable and transparent
  • Bespoke reporting to provide a tailored response to your needs
  • Proactive implementation of your view of the world